New York Tech Valley FIRST Robotics Competition

This past weekend the Greenwich Robotics team attended their very first competition at RPI. The team worked endless hours after school over the past six weeks to design, program, and construct a robot to compete in the Tech Valley FIRST Robotics competition. The competition hosted 29 teams from the local area, as well as five teams from Quebec, and even two teams hailing all the way from Mumbai, India and Istanbul Turkey.

This year’s competition was called SteamWorks and was given a steampunk theme. The goal of the competition was to get your airship ready for flight by delivering fuel and gears to start the propellers. Each competition round lasted 2 and ½ minutes. In the first 15 seconds the robots were allowed to do any function automatically without any human interaction. The remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds were used to deliver the gears and the fuel to the ships. In the last 30 seconds, ropes were deployed and each robot would climb their rope and enable a touchpad that indicated that they were ready to take flight!

On Thursday, the team was able to unpack the robot, fix any issues that need to be addressed before getting inspected. The rest of the day consisted of practice matches and more updates to the robot.

On Friday and Saturday morning, the qualification matches took place. Each team was randomly paired with two other teams to form an alliance. There were two alliances, red and blue, that would then compete against each other. As a rookie team Greenwich won four of their matches. The team may not have made it far in the competition but this is an experience that won’t be soon forgotten.



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