The End is Near

Now that we are halfway there the team has been working hard to get the robot up and running, a few snow days have set us back, but we are still chugging along. Since we last checked in the electrical team has set up the solenoids for gear pick up. On top of that they have set up the decorative LED lights and ring lights to help with the vision components, which went up and running this week thanks to the programming team. Programming also laid out all the code and are set to test it in the upcoming days. The mechanical team constructed the outer plexiglass frame, redesigned the high goal shooter, and got the fuel intake working. The media team finalised and started to digitally create the flag design as well as made more buttons, adding a QR code for quick outreach. In the last couple of days the media team also set up an online store filled with various TechKnowLogic apparel including; shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and sweatpants. Time is ticking by, with only five days left, we will be working every chance we can get to finish and perfect our robot!


Find our online store here:

This store is only open for a LIMITED TIME and will close February 26th, so get your items now!



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