The Beginnings of a Robot

This Monday TechKnowLogic celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day by working on our robot. After building the rest of the game obstacles, the mechanical team went to work on the first prototype of our high ball shooter and gear mechanism. The ball shooter needs some work, as it currently only shoots a couple of feet and requires a drill, but this is a great start. The electrical team wired up the floor travel and wireless communication. On the programming side the driver’s station was installed onto laptops, and they also configured the router. After running a basic program, we had a robot that was controlled with a joystick. The Media team drew up the designs for the banner and flag, as well as put new parts into inventory.

We woke up that morning with drawings on a whiteboard, but walked out with the beginnings of our first actual robot. We can’t wait to see what the weeks to come bring.




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