FIRST Kick Off

Last Saturday team #6484 attended their very first FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff. Teams from around the area sat in a Rensselaer lecture hall hearing inspiring words from large sponsors of FIRST, like General Electric, Globalfoundries, and National Grid, awaiting the game challenge reveal. This year the competition plays off the addition of the letter A, for art, to STEM education, creating STEAM, with a steam punk theme. Teams this year will construct a robot that shoots balls to ‘fuel’ a boiler, as well as pick up gears to transport to a rotor and climb a rope.

After receiving a build kit the mechanical, electrical, and programming components of our team split up to attend Quick Build workshops. The mechanical team built the base of the robot, the electrical team configured power control board, the programming team would have set up the driver station is time permitted.

This whole day was a great experience for us, being a rookie team we learned a lot. The atmosphere provided an easy flow of ideas.

We can’t wait to start!

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